Team Info

Dry Land Workouts (Fall)

The team works out Mon-Fri, 5-6PM during the Fall term to get in shape for the season; we meet up in the Z-Center lobby (across from the front desk) at 5PM. Workouts will consist of weightlifting in the Z-Center (primarily leg and lower back exercises), core workouts, and anaerobic routines.

Race Season (IAP)

The team spends the MIT Independent Activities Period living in an A-frame cabin in Rumney, NH (504 Old Route 25, Rumney, NH, 03266) and training at our home mountain, Ragged Mountain (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, it is a small mountain, which means we can train anywhere without worrying about running into crowds of people). Each week, we train for the first four days, race for two days, then take one day off to relax at the cabin, take care of errands, or visit friends back at MIT. Life at the cabin is one of the best aspects of the season: we cook together, eat lots of food, tune our skis, play games, and relax.

The team races in the USCSA’s MacConnell division in giant slalom and slalom events. This season we will be racing at Sugar Bush, Sunapee, Blackwater, Whiteface, Crotched, and Bromley. We race against the same schools each week: Babson, Brown, Castleton, Clarkson, St. Anselm, UConn, UMass, New England College. All races are USSA sanctioned and very competitive. The coaches and athletes in the league are extremely friendly and everyone is required to gatekeep during the races which is a great time to make friends on other teams.


If you are just getting into racing but have your own skis and boots, you should be fine to start; you will need GS and Slalom skis, so talk to us if you are unsure if your skis will work. If you need to buy skis, you can usually get some very nice used race skis for under $200. We provide you with a ski jacket shell, ski pants, a GS suit, and a helmet. We also have a limited number of loaner poles and protective gear. Also, the team gets a 50% off discount at Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia, so talk to us first before you go buy any ski clothing.


Who joins the team? What if I’ve never raced before?

The team is open to all skiers who have a desire to race, with a maximum cap of ~20 athletes. In the past, we have had a range of abilities from 50-pt FIS/USSA racers to people who have never raced before. This is a great opportunity to become a better skier even if you’ve never seen a race before, or take your racing to the next level if you have. Graduate students are welcome to join and train but will generally not be able to race with the team, although you should ask so we can check on eligibility.

Will I have to miss school for training or races?

No. Unlike most other sports, our training, races, and travel do not conflict with classes. In fact, the bulk of our races take place during IAP, which means the team won’t get in the way of your studies.

What if I have to take a class during IAP?

Students sometimes have to take short courses during IAP. Athletes may have to miss some training but this usually does not conflict with races on the weekend. If the class takes place during the whole of IAP, it will be more difficult for you to join us for the race season (though it has been done before), so talk to us and we can figure out a good way for you to still be involved.

Can I ski and do other sports too?

Absolutely! Cross-training with another sport is a great way to get prepared for ski season and our IAP season does not conflict with most sports. You will be excused from Fall workouts if you are working out with another team but talk to us about it so we know what’s going on.

How much does ski team cost?

We get financial help from our alumni and MIT to significantly subsidize the cost for athletes. The following are the only expenses that team members must pay:

  • $250 for a season pass to Ragged Mountain
  • $100 per week ($400 total) for lodging, food, and gas
  • $150 for a USSA competitors’ license