If you want to be a part of the fastest team at MIT, you’ve come to the right place! MIT skiing is a legacy that began in the 1950s and has been thriving ever since. We are a group of dedicated men and women who share a passion for skiing. From the person who has yet to try out a pair of race skis, to the seasoned racer who has busted through starting wands every winter for as long as they can remember, we accept all levels of skier. This team will train you to not only be a better racer, but to be a better all around skier.

How to Join:

The best way to start getting involved is to email the captains; we are always happy to talk to fellow skiers, even if you aren’t sure yet whether or not you want to join the team. We are happy to add you to our mailing list so that we can send you updates about team events and training schedules. Lastly, we encourage you to drop by one of our dry land workouts in order to meet the team and get a taste of what our training is like!

We hope that you will consider joining us this winter for a season of fun and great ski racing. See you on the slopes!