Buying Equipment

FIS Equipment Requirements for the 2017-2018 season (more stringent, required only if racing in FIS-sanctioned events):

  • SL Skis (Men: min. 165cm length, Women: min. 155cm length; no radius requirement)
  • GS Skis (Men: min. 188 cm length, Women: min. 183cm length; 30m radius for both men and women)

USSA Equipment Requirements for the 2017-2018 season (all athletes must abide by these requirements at a minimum):

  • SL Skis (Men: min. 130cm length, Women: min. 130cm length; no radius requirement
  • GS Skis (Men: no length requirement, Women: no length requirement; 17m radius for both men and women)

For more information, see here

Additionally, all skiers must have sturdy ski boots (4-buckle race boot recommended) and appropriately sized ski poles (with guards for slalom).

Places to get equipment

Best Option: ebay, craigslist – Low prices yet often high quality equipment.

Second Best Option: Academy Ski Swaps – If there is enough interest we can arrange a team trip.

Online Stores – Usually they are pricey, but sometimes they have close outs on last season’s equipment.

Local Shops – Very infrequently do local shops have race equipment, but they can be a good source for boot fitting and picking up non technical equipment such as clothes, hats, gloves etc.

Places to get clothing