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The evolution of the MIT Skiing men's team, spanning three generations of GS suits.

The evolution of the MIT Skiing men’s team, spanning three generations of GS suits.

The MIT Ski Team hosted its annual Alumni and Parents Weekend on January 16-18 in Rumney, NH. It was our biggest ever, with 17 alums and parents descending on Rumney, NH to re-connect with each other and the current team.

The weekend kicked off with a dual panel alum & parent vs. student race at Ragged Mountain, our home training hill. The ladies overall champion was Chyleigh Harmon, Class of 2014, who narrowly defeated student champion Valerie Andersen, Class of 2015. For the men, current athlete Mikey Suglian, Class of 2015, defeated alum leader Jason Christopher, Class of 2005. In other long-awaited competitions, Colleen Madlinger solidly defeated her father, Steven; and Coach Jason Christopher defeated Head Coach Ben Stewart (’07′) in a much-anticipated showdown. The racing was a ton of fun for everyone. A big thanks to Ragged Mountain for letting us put on the race!

We also hosted the biggest dinner we’ve ever seen at the A-Frame cabin, with 26 people. The team served pulled pork, mac and cheese, cornbread and coleslaw. Current team members and alums told stories over dinner and brought back some of the team’s old traditions.

The team raced GS at Mt. Sunapee, and Slalom at Blackwater. Both mountains provided great spectating and nice weather. Alums were able to get in some free turns and help out on the hill. We were very excited to host everyone and a big thanks to everyone who could make it! Photos have been posted to our Facebook page.


Alumni & Parents Weekend Schedule


The annual Alumni & Parents Weekend will be on January 16-18 in Rumney, NH. Please join the team for a fun-filled schedule of events!

  • Thursday, Jan. 16 – Informal alumni/parents vs. students race
  • Friday, Jan. 17 – Team GS race at Mt. Sunapee
  • Friday, Jan. 17 – Alumni & Parents Happy Hour at the Common Man in Plymouth, NH
  • Saturday, Jan. 18 – Team SL race at Blackwater Mountain
  • Saturday, Jan. 18 – Dinner with the team at the A Frame Cabin (watch out – the team is cooking!)
  • Sunday, Jan. 19 – Ski day if you wish

Please RSVP if you are planning on attending! Feel free to email me at jarsenault@alum.mit.edu with any questions.


skigirlsbowlingRunning a ski team isn’t easy (but it is fun)! There’s a lot of logistics to cover – transportation to the hill for training and racing, lodging in Rumney during the IAP training camp, hill space, race entry fees, gates and other equipment. The money we raise goes directly to the team to help meet these costs during the season. We aim to keep our athlete out-of-pocket costs as low as possible – each year, team members are responsible for purchasing their own season passes, race license, and ski equipment; they also make a contribution to their training camp lodging & food which averages around $400 per season ($100/week).

As the 2013-2014 season approaches, we wanted to share a quick update on where our goals are for the rest of the calendar year.

The team has four key financial goals in 2013:

  • Maximize funding from MIT

  • Raise $17,250 in alumni donations

  • Raise at least $3000 for a “Snowy Day” fund

  • Continue to minimize per racer expenses

Maximize Funding from MIT:

We’re expecting a slight increase in our funding from MIT’s Club Sports Council this year. Last year, we applied for and won a “Mad MoneyGrant” from the Student Activities Office, which we are using to get new GS suits for the team this year. We are considering applying for this grant again this year to cover team jackets and training equipment.

Raise $17,250 in alumni donations:

We’ve already raised $6,854 in 2013, which puts us 39% of the way toward our overall goal. This amount will cover team expenses for the 2013-14 season and also provide a small buffer for a “Snowy Day”. To read more about how the team came up with this goal for the season, and what our expenses looked like last year, please view our Annual Report.

Raise at least $3000 for a “Snowy Day” fund:

Within the $17,250 goal for 2013 is $3000 for a Snowy Day fund. This amount will be set aside for future capital expenses (i.e. gates) or for emergency expenses the team might encounter (i.e. a large, unexpected increase in league fees, or a lean fundraising year). The Snowy Day fund will help ensure the sustainability of the team in the future, and I’m happy to report that our Indiegogo fundraiser this summer helped us meet this goal for 2013.

Continue to minimize per racer expenses:

The team has worked diligently over the past few years to get down our per racer cost. Last year, we found cheaper van rentals, worked with the Willett family to obtain a discount on our IAP housing, and negotiated better (and cheaper) training with Ragged Mountain, NH. These changes brought the cost per racer down 50% from 2011-12. A big thanks to our partners who work with the team to make it possible and we’ll continue to look for opportunities to make sure we’re using the team’s resources as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to all of our supporters – alumni, parents, and friends of the team. When you donate to MIT this Fall, please remember to allocate a portion of your donation to the Alpine Ski Club (funding code: 2721322), or use this link to donate directly.